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We can fix flat tires, adjust brakes and gears, and even replace broken or worn out parts like brake pads, chains, seats, grips and tires. We can usually replace shifters, brake calipers, and brake levers, as well.

Check out our requirement and signup page for a list of requirements.

We prefer 3.5-4 hours. We need at least three hours to make the trip worth while. If you need us to stay for longer than 4 hours, let us know. Depending on where it is, we can possibly stay up to 5 hours.

When participants arrive, we sign them up and call their name when it’s their turn. This allows them some freedom of movement. People waiting their turn usually either entertain themselves, observe us work, or volunteer with us. We have a photo-op board, mini-bike, sketchbook, and an interactive bike diagram to help pass the time as well.

Usually, we have 3 mechanics on staff and they work one on one with participants.

We bring 2-4 staff and rely on 1 adult volunteer from your site to help with intake. We welcome 1-2 more volunteers if they’re available.

Participants don’t have to be present for the repair. However, we prefer that they are so they can learn from the experience.

We’re flexible, but it’s important that we’re in a visible place, preferably near the bike rack.  Additionally, we need access to restrooms and the dumpster. If it’s sunny, we like to setup in the shade. If it’ll be getting dark, please find a place that is well lit for us to work.

We give a verbal warning against riding it anywhere until the problem is fixed.

No. Please do not plan on registering people for our service at another booth on the day of the event. We need to sign people up at our tent or else it gets weird.

No. Please do not pre-register people for this service, we do a 1st come 1st serve signup on the day of the event. If the nature of your event requires you to pre-register people, please discuss it with our team before doing so.

The guaranteed number we advertise is 20, but we can often fix 30 bikes if the repairs are not too complicated and we have enough time.

We certainly hope that continues to be a problem. If it looks like it’s going to be such a downpour that folks will not bring their bikes, we occasionally reschedule. Usually, we just find an overhang or spare classroom to work in.

It totally depends on the population. It can be anywhere from 10-60 and usually averages 20-30 people.

We stock a lot of parts, so it’s fairly rare. We don’t stock wheels or crank sets, which is stated on the flyer. Occasionally, someone will actually go to a shop to buy the part they need and then we install it for them.

Yes. If we are at a public event, we prioritize youth bikes over adult bikes.

Yes, we have to fairly distribute our time and resources. If a bike has 6 things wrong with it, we many only have time to fix 3 of those problems. Occasionally, we cannot work on a bike because it has a bent frame or is otherwise unrepairable.

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